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Helping Nepal's street dogs: In 2014, Nepali-born Sneha Shrestha founded Sneha's Care in the Kathmandu-Valley, Nepal, to protect street dogs and other animals from starvation, neglect, disease and abuse. Today, Sneha's Care is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in Nepal. The team rescues and vaccinates animals, cares for them where they are found or in the shelter, neuters them and gives talks on animal welfare and rights in schools and public institutions.

There are currently an average of 170 dogs living at Sneha's shelter. For several years, Sneha's Care has also been running a sanctuary for former "farm animals" such as cows, goats and pigs that are abandoned around Kathmandu when their owners no longer need or can care for them. 


As Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, Sneha's Care relies on donations from abroad. Therefore we have founded the NGO "Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V.". Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. informs about the work of Sneha's Care in Nepal, finds volunteers and collects donations for the organization. 

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Emergency Rescue


As soon as an emergency call is received, the team sets off to provide first aid on the spot. If necessary, the animals are then taken to the sanctuary for further care.

Mobile care


Every week, the team travels to the streets of Nepal to care for dogs and cows. They provide water, food and protection against ticks and vermin.

Birth control


Animals are collected from the streets of the Kathmandu-Valley and transported to the shelter. They are operated on and cared for for 3-4 days. They are then released back into their communities.



Diseases such as rabies and distemper are among the biggest threats to Nepal's dogs. The team travels to each district and vaccinates the dogs against these diseases. Emergency rescued dogs are also vaccinated.

Animal rights education


In Nepal's schools, the team teaches students about the proper treatment of animals. Students are also given information about vegan diets.

Disaster relief


Nepal's summer is dominated by the monsoon. Due to climate change, floods and storms are becoming more frequent. Sneha's Care travels to the disaster areas and takes care of the people and the animals.