Frequently Asked Questions


There are many animals in need here too. Why should I donate for animals in Nepal?

As Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world where the government does not provide funding for animal shelters, Sneha's Care relies on donations from abroad. That is why we have founded the association "Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V.". Adopting an animal from a non-EU country is bureaucratic and expensive, so many animals stay at Sneha's shelter permanently. This is another reason why your support for Nepal's former street dogs is urgently needed.

If Nepal is so poor, shouldn't I donate to the people there?

Whether you choose to help people or animals in Nepal, you can do a lot of good!

With your donation to Sneha's Care you will not only help animals in need, but also the local people: regular castration campaigns organized and financed by Sneha's Care can sustainably reduce the population of street dogs. Vaccination campaigns, for example against rabies, protect not only the animals but also the people in the Kathmandu Valley who come into contact with street dogs.

How do I know that my donation goes to Sneha's Care?

Over 90% of your donation goes directly to Sneha's Care in Nepal. This is possible because we are a registered charity in Germany and work entirely on a voluntary basis. We have no personnel costs and even the mailings to our donors and sponsors are almost exclusively digital and thus free of charge.

Why doesn't Sneha's Care have a donation seal?

The donation seal, which is awarded by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), can currently only be applied for by organizations that have been active for at least two years and have a total annual income of 25,000 euros. Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. has been in existence since mid-2018 and is now eligible to apply. However, as the seal of approval is not free of charge - an initial entry costs at least 900 euros, depending on income - Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. has not yet made a final decision on whether and when to apply for the seal of approval.

Will I receive a donation receipt from Sneha's Care?

Of course. We will be happy to send you a tax-deductible donation receipt if you send us your name and address. Please contact us anytime if you have questions.
Bleibt Ihr Spendenbeitrag dagegen unter 300 Euro im jeweiligen Steuerjahr, genügt dem Finanzamt Ihr „einfacher Nachweis“ – also der Kontoauszug.

Unsere Spendenquittungen verschicken wir in aller Regel Ende Februar für das vergangene Steuerjahr. Bitte melden Sie sich erst nach diesem Zeitpunkt, falls Sie noch keine Spendenquittung erhalten haben sollten.

Why Nepal?

Our founder, Daniela Zysk, came across the shelter by chance during a private visit to Nepal. She met Sneha Shresta, the team and the animals and was thrilled. She quickly realised that a project in a poor country like Nepal needed outside support. Daniela, an animal rights activist, was determined to do something: first she organised a flight to Germany for Josie, a dog who was seriously ill. Josie is now happy and healthy with her new adoptive family in southern Germany.

Daniela organized, worked hard and told everyone around her about the aid project for the Nepalese animal shelter, which needed donations from abroad. Within a very short time, Daniela built up a team and in mid-May 2018, the time had come: the non-profit organization Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. was founded.

What is the situation like for animals in Nepal? Are the people particularly brutal?

No, of course not. Unfortunately, such absurd claims can be found on the internet time and again. Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. dissociates itself from such statements, which are often motivated by racism. We stand with our organization and our work clearly against any kind of oppression, discrimination and hatred (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.). We also immediately delete demands such as "animal abusers should be executed" or similar from the pages of our social networks, because they do not correspond to our ethics.

The reasons are, as so often, much more complex: Nepal, often called the "roof of the world", lies in the heart of Asia between India and China. It is one of the poorest countries in the world, lacking natural resources and ravaged by natural disasters.

Where people barely have enough to live on, they lack the money to feed the country's animals. As a result, they often end up living alone on the streets, where they can starve, get hit by cars or suffer from painful diseases. This is where Sneha's Care comes in: Every day, the Sneha's Care team is on the road to find injured or sick street dogs and provide them with medical care on the spot or at the shelter. Sneha's Care tries to find new homes for former street dogs, arranges adoptions and organizes regular castration and vaccination campaigns. Many abandoned "farm animals" also find a home at Sneha's farm. As the Nepalese government provides no public funding for any of this, Sneha's Care relies on donations from abroad. Therefore, we have founded the association "Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V.". Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. informs about the work of Sneha's Care in Nepal, finds volunteers and collects donations for the organization.

How did the work of Sneha's Care start?

In 2014, Sneha Shresta's neighbor poisoned her dog. This was the catalyst for her mission: to end animal cruelty in Nepal! That same year, she founded Sneha's Care to protect street dogs and other animals from starvation, neglect, disease and abuse. Today, Sneha's Care is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in Nepal. The team rescues and vaccinates animals, cares for them on the streets or in the shelter, neuters them and gives talks on animal welfare in schools and public institutions.

Initially, the shelter was funded almost entirely by the founder's private money. Sneha's Care Deutschland e.V. was founded to secure long-term funding.

How can I help other than by donating?

Under "Support" you will find various ways to help Sneha's Care, e.g. by "helping with shopping" or as a volunteer on site.

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