Daniela Zysk

President & Founder

Sneha’s Care Deutschland e.V. 

I have been politically active since my youth and have been on the board of various queer human rights organizations.

As a vegan, animal welfare and animal rights became more and more important to me. When I witnessed the terrible situation of street dogs during my visit to Nepal in 2016, I got in touch with Sneha Shrestha, the founder of Sneha's Care Nepal, and have been there several times to support at the shelter.. I am grateful to have found a great team for Germany and look forward to the tasks ahead to improve the situation of the animals in this beautiful country.

I work as a financial manager and live in Wiesbaden with my former Nepalese street dog Stoner. 

Eva Essers

2nd Chair Person

Sneha’s Care Deutschland e.V.

Born in Cologne, I now live in Duisburg with my partner and two rescued cats.
All my life I have been surrounded by animals, whether guinea pigs, budgies, turtles, dogs or cats.
I cannot imagine a life without animals at my side.
Animal welfare is very important to me, I see animals as friends, that's why I am vegan.
I am happy to support Sneha's Care in their important work.

Arlette Caenen


Sneha’s Care Deutschland e.V.

I was born in the Netherlands. For more than 10 years I have been living in the south of Germany with my husband, my cockatoo and my Nepalese dog Luna-Tara. Animals and especially birds have been with me all my life. They brought me on the path of animal communication. I got to know Nepal more than 20 years ago and have been travelling there again and again. In 2012 I was fascinated by the street dogs. I met a dog that changed my life and led me to different projects in Nepal. My motto is: "Saving one animal does not change the world, but the whole world changes for that one animal". With this in mind, I hope you will support Sneha's Care!


Sneha Shrestha

Founder of Sneha's Care Nepal

Sneha is the founder of Sneha's Care in Nepal. When a neighbour poisoned her dog in 2014, it was the catalyst for her mission to end animal cruelty. She founded Sneha's Care, where over 170 dogs and other animals now live in peace and happiness. Sneha's courage and unwavering commitment to all animals is inspiring many citizens in Nepal and around the world to think differently and is a great example to us all.