Become a animal sponsor


Your sponsorship will help former street dogs and other animals at Sneha's Care..

There are currently around 170 former street dogs living in Sneha's shelter. They are likely to spend the rest of their lives there as the chances of adoption are extremely low. Dogs as part of a family are still rare in Nepal, and those who do want a dog usually get one of the many puppies from the streets.

By sponsoring an animal at Sneha's Care, you are helping to provide a better life for an animal, with appropriate food, medical treatment, a safe place to run and a warm place to sleep.

As a sponsor you will receive regular emails from us:

  • Sponsorship certificate
  • Up-to-date photos of your sponsored animal
  • Regular updates on the progress of your sponsored animal
  • Donation receipt

We also offer annual sponsorships with a one-off payment of €150 or €200. Annual sponsorships cover the basic needs of an animal. Monthly sponsorships include additional care, including veterinary care. Every donation count: Give together for a brighter future for the animals.

"I am Bailey's dog sponsor because in Nepal dogs in the shelter have very little chance of being adopted. (Thomas, Cologne)

Sneha's sanctuary is also home to former farm animals such as cows, sheep and pigs that have been abandoned on the streets of Kathmandu. You can also be a sponsor for them.

We are looking for sponsors for these animals